Review of the All New Toyota Avanza and Veloz: The Performance Makes You Great! -

Review of the All New Toyota Avanza and Veloz: The Performance Makes You Great!

Updates on the Toyota Avanza and Veloz have been made. Armed with the title ‘All New’ which means the changes are complete. His public debut was at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2021. We also had the opportunity to test it directly on the road. Although it is limited in duration, at least you can feel the initial impression of driving the Avanza and Veloz the new generation that has turned more modern.

Toyota separates Veloz from Avanza in this latest generation. Which means, the two have a lot of differences. But the construction is still the same. So the only difference is the design and completeness. The driving experience offered in our opinion is similar between the two. We tasted the highest type together, namely the all new Avanza G CVT TSS and Veloz Q CVT TSS.

Regarding the completeness and initial impression, we have already discussed it. Good for all new Avanza and Veloz. Let’s just focus on driving!

What is the driving position?

Ok, we’ll start with access to the cabin, which is obviously easy because it’s already keyless. Simply pocket the keyfob, opening the door and starting the engine is as easy as pressing a button. Setting the driving position is also flexible on this new Avanza and Veloz. The seat can be adjusted back and forth and its height. Likewise with the steering wheel, supports tilt & telescopic settings.

After getting a position according to preference, one immediately realized. The distance from the dashboard to the windshield is quite long. However it does not affect the front visibility. Still got a good and wide field of view, minimal blind spots.

Is it getting weaker in performance?

The engine used is still the same, coded 2NR-VE only with the tuning that has been adjusted. Whether it’s because of the use of a CVT type automatic transmission or a change in driving to the front wheels. Note the numbers on paper only slightly increased from the old generation, power to 106 PS at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 137.2 Nm at 4,200 rpm.

The energy is sufficient to accommodate the needs of the old generation. Whereas in the new generation, because it uses a new platform, it produces a different performance. The use of the TNGA frame and front drive configuration is claimed to cut a hefty weight. So, although this new generation is larger in dimensions, the weight ratio is lighter than the older model. Which then affects its performance.

It can be felt immediately when trying to drive, both Avanza and Veloz. Move the transmission lever to position D, the foot also moves from the brake pedal to the gas. On the Avanza, you have to keep releasing the parking brake because it’s still conventional. Meanwhile Veloz has adopted the electric parking brake. You will be immediately surprised by the attraction. Yes, as soon as you put a little pressure on the gas pedal, the response is immediately answered with alacrity. The car moved without hesitation.

Want to use stop and go driving in traffic jams, relaxing crusing, to running fast on the freeway. All responded very well. We dare say that the all new Avanza and Veloz are very enjoyable to drive in terms of performance.

What about the CVT transmission used?

The use of CVT transmission is not new in Toyota MPV cars. Previously used by Sienta and Voxy. For non-MPV there are Vios, Yaris to Corolla Altis. Smooth power distribution, flexibility in gear ratios that lead to fuel efficiency are the advantages of the CVT type.

Sure enough, the swift response of performance can not be separated from the contribution of the use of CVT transmission. Sends output to the front wheels more responsively. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, for example, you prefer to pull like a sports car, don’t worry. The transmission offers sequential shifts with a simulated manual shift mode.

This sequential displacement is important. Can increase driving pleasure. Slide the shift lever from position D to the right. In an instant, the engine revs at a higher level than normal. The most common use of this mode can be to overtake vehicles, so they don’t slow down. Because the engine speed is alerted higher.

Simulation of manual displacement can be up to 7-speed. If you use it smartly, you can enjoy good fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. But if you just want to enjoy a faster response without moving the manual lever, you can. The gearbox will smartly determine it for you.

For Veloz even more sophisticated. In addition to sequential mode, it is also supported by driving mode. Can be accessed via the Drive button on the steering wheel. There is a choice of eco and sport characters to suit your needs.

Handling and suspension good?

The engine performance of the all new Avanza and Veloz is also supported by excellent handling and suspension slamming. The weight of the steering wheel is not too light. It’s a good thing because it feels like giving the right feedback. The direction is also precise, moving according to the driver’s input.

The loss of the axle is used for the use of the Torsion Beam rear suspension. As a result, the stability and dings is much better. Bulldoze the uneven road, body shocks can be very well muted. No longer pushed too much to the right and left. Anyway comfortable.

The use of the TNGA frame is also very worthy of two thumbs up. Hard cornering and medium speed does not feel unsteady. Not that it doesn’t exist, but the combination of the frame and suspension managed to reduce the effect of body roll significantly. In fact, the ground clearance of the Avanza and Veloz reaches 205 mm. High.

Is TSS technology useful?

Yes. Of course very useful. Indeed, compared to the variant without TSS there is a hefty price difference. Moreover, in the LMPV class, the Rp 20 million differentiation is not a small number. However, as a guarantee for safer driving, of course that number can still be considered.

Let’s first see the standard package that supports safe driving. The new Avanza and Veloz are equipped with ABS, EBD, BA brakes, hill start assist, vehicle stability control, and six-point airbags. In Veloz, each wheel already uses a disc to propel the speed.

While the TSS package contains the Pre-Collision System, Front Departure Alert, Lane Departure Assist with Steering Assist, Pedal Misoperation Control, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Monitoring. Without cruise control.

Most often it is felt of course blind spot monitoring, giving a sign that there are objects that have the potential to be invisible to the driver. Then lane departure assist which requires quite a bit of getting used to if it’s the first time you feel it. The system will give a warning if at a certain speed the car is detected changing lanes. Even immediately holding the steering wheel and correcting it again following the lines of the lane being passed. For example, when you are driving on a toll road and you feel sleepy and the car swerves, the system intervenes while giving a loud warning. So that the driver who fell asleep immediately woke up.

In conclusion, is it better than the old Avanza?

Of course it feels very far when compared to the older generation of Avanza and Veloz. Complete changes provide a modern MPV suitable for use in urban areas. Enjoyable for everyday use, as well as driving with family out of town.

All new Avanza and Veloz are now more feasible when pitted against competitors from other brands. Because everything is using front wheel drive.

About the ability to climb it really needs to be tried and proven directly. On suitable land or area. But for the incline that is not extreme, it should be safe.

If you are used to using the previous generation Avanza and Veloz as a daily vehicle. Guaranteed to be surprised by the taste offered by the new generation now. Enjoy!

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