2018 BMW i3 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

2018 BMW i3 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The BMW i3 is a compact electric vehicle that is targeted at buyers who are looking for an electric vehicle with a bit of excitement. 2014 is the inaugural model year of the vehicle’s production.


The majority of electric vehicles aren’t well-known for their performance which is why BMW i3 stands out. BMW i3 is different. Although the car is efficient and offers the range of a car that is far ahead of most competing cars, it also functions just like it’s a BMW. It accelerates quickly, and has a precise handling and extremely quick brakes. Although it is more expensive than the competition and a bit more expensive than the competition, anyone looking for an electric vehicle should test the i3 before making a decision.

Trims and Pricing

BMW creates the i3 in three styles of interior: Mega World, Giga World as well as Tera World. Navigation is included with all trims. It also comes with 19-inch wheels, LED headlights that are adaptive along with LED taillights. Every trim has the wheels of its own designs. Upgrade into the Giga World trim adds a sunroof. The Tera World adds leather upholstery. A parking package that is optional includes parking distance control, park assistant and a rearview camera. The Technology + Driver Assistance package adds navigation, real-time travel information, an active driving assistant, as well as an BMW Online as well as Apps feature to ensure the continuous connection. The stand-alone features consist of heated front seat and 20-inch sports wheels, an Harman Kardon premium sound system as well as an DC speed charger. An i3 is equipped with an initial invoice of $40,000 for an Mega World model and an MSRP of $43,000. There is a Giga World trim level adds around $2,200 to its MSRP, and Tera World adds another $2,000. Tera World adds another $2,000. Being an active member allows you to enjoy an easy shopping experience with your Certified Dealer and you can benefit from the opportunity to purchase a price upfront.

Engine and Performance

The engine that powers this BMW i3 is a 125-kilowatt electric motor that is mounted over the rear axle and delivers 170 horsepower as well as 184 lb.-ft. of torque to the rear wheels. The top speed of the car is 93 mph and it is able to go from 0-60 speed in 7.2 seconds. The range of the car’s drive is between 80 and 100 miles with one charge, based on the way it’s driven. There’s an option for a drivetrain, known as”the Range Extender, which uses the small gasoline engine which acts as an energy source for the battery pack when required. This is designed to alleviate the fears of owners of their car running without power in the remotest of places. It does however offer only an insufficient range of gas which makes the car unsuitable for long road trips, even with the range extender option. It takes six hours to charge in normal conditions. If you have a 220-volt power outlet the car can be charged in just 3 hours. Its DC fast charger permits the battery of the car to fully charge in just 30 minutes.


As with the exterior, the interior design of BMW i3 is quite futuristic in design and functions. The steering column houses the gearshift lever, as well as the gauge display. The remaining controls are located on three different screens, with one of them being that of the 6.5-inch gauge cluster. The infotainment screen is 8.8 inches, and the third screen is used to control the climate control and sound system. Although it takes some to get used to, this arrangement is quite effective and fits the electric car very well. The rear and front seats come with benches. The interior is constructed from sustainable materials, which gives the interior a distinct appearance and feel than other vehicles. The amount of space for passengers on both rows is impressively excellent as are the seating, which is very comfortable. The rear hatch makes it simple to unload or load heavier objects, making the vehicle much more useful for everyday use.

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